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CliffyB's New Studio Has A Mysterious Website


CliffyB's New Studio Has A Mysterious Website

CliffyB announces Boss Key Productions website via Twitter.

Boss Key Productions website is now up and running. Founded by former design director of Epic Games Cliff Bleszinski, known by gamers everywhere as CliffyB, Boss Key Productions is Cliff’s return to the gaming industry after a brief sabbatical.

While the website itself is lacking exclusive footage of their upcoming game codenamed Project BlueStreak, the site teases at more to come throughout the year. Although, the only thing of any substance regarding Project BlueStreak is a recording of a play-test of the game. The video is simply a transcript of the developers play-testing the latest build of their game. The video released in October 2014. Again, nothing spectacular, just another tease.

Overall, the website announcement via Twitter on Cliff’s website serves several purposes: one, to let people know they exist. Two, to let the gaming world know a new game is in the works. And three, to attract new talent to the studio. While many things about Boss Key Productions remain hidden in secrecy, one thing is apparent – the studio is close-knit and all about being creative in a fun and welcoming environment.


Twitter announcement for the site

Located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina the studio is a team of professionals who’ve worked on some of the most notable games of all time. Including: CliffyB himself (Unreal, Gears of War), Arjan Brusee (Killzone), Tramell Isaac (Fallout), Romain Dura (Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Far Cry), and several others. Cliff’s focus in creating the studio is building a team of talented individuals with passion for the thing they love – video games.

Boss Key Productions is all about listening to the community and open-development which mean no closed doors. Despite the lack of any substantial evidence of their upcoming game, Cliff and the rest of the team are proud to say they plan on sharing news about their upcoming Project BlueStreak as it develops.

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