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Binding of Isaac Rebirth: How to Find Secret Rooms


Binding of Isaac Rebirth: How to Find Secret Rooms

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is fun due to the simplicity of its complexity. The game seems easy at first: shoot tears at bad guys, bad guys are dismembered into gory piles of blood, move onto the next level. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth also features a hefty amount of procedural generation, lots of items to learn and explore, as well as lots of secrets that are never directly told. Today, we’re going to be teaching you how to find secrets and secret rooms in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Look For Tinted Rocks

How to Find Secrets in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

secret rooms binding of isaac

These are your godsend while traversing the caverns in Binding of Isaac’s basement. It may be hard to spot at first, since the game is littered with destructible rocks. But if you look closely at a group of rocks, you may occasionally notice the odd one out.

They’ll be slightly bluish or blackish in color (a different shade of red if you’re in The Womb), and if you look really closely, they will be marked with a very slight “X” in their indentions.

These are called Tinted Rocks, and they contain only positive items! They’ll most frequently drop Soul Hearts, and occasionally keys, but also have a chance to bombs, coins, chests, and a combination of all previously mentioned.

All it takes is one explosion to break a Tinted Rock, unless you already have the Notched Axe, Leo, or Thunder Thighs items. A quick bomb can unlock a wealth of useful items.

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