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Let’s Rank the Best Destiny Classes from Worst to First


Let’s Rank the Best Destiny Classes from Worst to First

9: Striker


The classic list of the best Destiny classes now updated for Year Two and The Taken King! Remember this list is PvE (Player vs. Enemy) centered. Check out our list of the best PvP Classes for completely different rankings.

Now, let’s start this list of the best Destiny classes out by saying it’s PvE (player vs.enemy) centered.

Striker is still arguably the king of PvP but in Year Two Destiny: TTK PvE content, however it also resides at the bottom of our list of the best subclasses. Why do we have the Titan Striker last? Its main issue is that its super, Fist of Havoc, is too risky with little pay off. Other classes can easily replicate the damage of Fist of Havoc in PvE without the risk of having to charge in headstrong, Nova Bomb, Hammer of Sol and Storm Trance in particular are pretty much just as good with a lot less risk.

Still, just because Striker is probably the most difficult class to use successfully in endgame PvE content doesn’t mean it is unusable. Having a Striker around during Court of Oryx runs is great considering how tightly packed the enemies can be. Fist of Havoc combined with Aftershock can really clear out a huge amount of Hive/Taken in that small space. Also, Strikers have excellent grenades that are perfect for additional crowd control (Lightning/Pulse Grenades) and can blind enemies with Flash Grenades.

You can make a Striker work, but you’re going to have work harder than any other class to do so.

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