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Battlefield Hardline Beta Details Roll Out


Battlefield Hardline Beta Details Roll Out

Good news, Battlefield Hardline’s beta will be available to all console and PC players. Who’s up for some cops and crooks?

If you’ve been chomping at the bit for the Battlefield Hardline beta, you’re in luck. Visceral’s executive producer Steve Papoutsis revealed in a blog that the upcoming beta will be available to owners of all platforms–PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, XBone, and PC. You’ll be able to play as both the cops and the crooks, and there won’t be a cap on the max progression level.

In addition to the classic 64-player Conquest mode the Battlefield series is known for, the Hardline beta will feature the Hotwire gametype, which will combine “all-out warfare with all-out speed”. You’ll be playing on Dust Bowl, which takes place near an abandoned diner, and Downtown, set inside a parking lot. Given the footage already shown, it’s a safe bet to say that these places won’t be intact for long.

As for when the beta will roll out? No word on that, though given the game’s March 17 release, it’ll have to be before mid February, at least. Hopefully all these betas will lead to less problems for Battlefield Hardline, especially given how things went with the last Battlefield.

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