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Battlefield 4 Players Will Be Able to Unlock Heists in the Battlefield Hardline Beta


Battlefield 4 Players Will Be Able to Unlock Heists in the Battlefield Hardline Beta

DICE is celebrating a new year of Battlefield holding a community event and the possibility of unlocking the Heist game mode in Battlefield Hardline’s upcoming beta.

DICE is commemorating the beginning of a new Battlefield year, which will have the release of Battlefield Hardline and new content for Battlefield 4 as central highlights. As part of this celebration, Battlefield 4 players will have yet another community event, filled with activities and rewards.

This time, and taking into account the upcoming release of Battlefield Hardline in March, Battlefield 4’s rewards will have a little Hardline flavor. Besides the already usual Gold Battlepacks and goals set in Community Missions, this new event will have prizes such as Hardline-themed Dog Tags, an exclusive wallpaper, and undisclosed additional surprises. These little treasures will be delivered to players every Wednesday from now until March 17.

As a bonus incentive for participants, a community assignment starting on January 21 will have a very special reward: the availability of the Heist mode in the final Battlefield Hardline beta. In order to get this prize, the whole Battlefield 4 community will have to score 2 Billion points in the Rush game mode. Players will have time between January 21, 9 AM PST and January 24, 11:59 PM to complete this mission.

Yes, Gold Battlepacks are a pretty lame reward for high-ranked Battlefield 4 players; nonetheless, DICE has been stepping up its Battlefield events. Just as an example, DICE’s summer event, Battlefest, had AMD graphics cards and $50 gift cards as prizes for different activities. The truth is that even without prizes, any time is good enough to celebrate that one of the greatest war-themed FPS games has finally recovered from a really bad release. Let the Battlefield games keep coming.



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