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Baldur's Gate Saga Gets a Completely New Game


Baldur's Gate Saga Gets a Completely New Game

Beamdog has announced what many old-school players have been expecting for so long: A completely new Baldur’s Gate game.

Let’s all thank for the sweet old-school Baldur’s Gate games. For so long we lived in eternal nostalgia, feeling those times were gone forever. Then came Beamdog with its enhanced editions, and once again we were fighting for our own birthright; another chance to be one among the children of Bhaal.

What we actually never expected was to have a completely new game based on Black Isle’s classics. Well, that dream is also coming true. Beamdog has confirmed that Adventure Y, a project they have been working on for some time now, is an addition to the Baldur’s Gate line of games. Moreover, it’s going to use the already legendary Infinity Engine. It’s all incredible news.

Baldur's Gate Project Y

Now, there’s one thing to take seriously into account. This is no sequel: it isn’t Baldur’s Gate 3 they are talking about. Adventure Y is planned as a bridge between Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition. Anyway. it’s obvious it doesn’t matter; it’s been years since we had new material set in the Sword Coast and it’s bound to be awesome.

In regards of the long-time dreamt third delivery of the Baldur’s Gate saga, Beamdog admitted it is only a possibility for the future. Nonetheless, the wait will be a lot easier. Not only will he have Project Y (set to be announced with further details during Spring), but also “Project: Beartrap”, a completely new game that will represent a departure from Beamdog’s previous works and said to involve sharks (yeah, sharks!).

The fact that there are still several companies maintaining the old-school RPG spirit is a blessing for all the gaming industry. I sure hope we can all keep enjoying these immortal adventures for a very long time. For the time being, let Sarevok and Jon Irenicus know I am once again coming for them.


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