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7 RPGs That Will Make You Forget about Real Life


7 RPGs That Will Make You Forget about Real Life

RPGs are a great way to spend a weekend playing great games.

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Persona 3

persona 3 portable

Among JRPGs, the Persona franchise is easily considered a staple on the same level of popularity as Final Fantasy. Persona 3 was the first to hit the PS2. It benefited from incredible combat and updated graphics. It was also given a PSP port, and is now playable on the PS3 as a PS2 classic and the Vita.

This is a game that merits two or three playthroughs. Complete playthroughs. This nets at least 240 hours for full content, and then there are a ton of extra dungeons as well as the incredible epilogue/conclusion of ‘the Answer.’ Without a doubt, the incredible story, characters, and dating sim/dungeoneering gameplay of Persona 3 will occupy you for months.


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