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6 Indie Studios That Will Shine in 2015


6 Indie Studios That Will Shine in 2015

It’s easy to focus on all the big games coming out but here are some indie studios sure to make waves in 2015.

Thekla Inc.


Prepare to explore this mysterious island when Thekla Inc. releases The Witness later this year.

Thekla Inc. is the indie studio started by Jonathan Blow the creator of Braid. You may know Braid as being that indie puzzle platformer that also happens to be one of the highest rated games on Xbox Live, and for good reason too. Braid is a damn good game from a brilliant developer. If you’ve played that game then you are probably looking forward to The Witness.

The Witness is Jonathan Blow’s next game coming exclusively on console to the PlayStation 4 and to PC. It is a puzzle game that takes place in an absolutely beautiful open world. The main focus will be on exploration and the feeling you get when you finally figure something out. Just the few glimpses that have been shared with the public have been enough to make many interested.

For more information on this beautiful upcoming indie title be sure to check out the game’s website.


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