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5 Online Co-Op Games You Need to Play with Your Long Distance BFF


5 Online Co-Op Games You Need to Play with Your Long Distance BFF

So you wanna play with friends but they live far away?

Halo Series


Very few franchises stand the test of time and come out largely unscathed. Even fewer of those contain co-op worth sinking your teeth into. Fortunately enough, the games in the Halo series have managed to accomplish both of these feats, which is no simple task. Many games have tried to provide an experience that truly mimics the joys of couch co-op.

Join your fellow Spartans as you each play everyone’s almost-silent protagonist as you fight to return home and to save humanity. While that overly simplified description may not sound like an online co-op opportunity rife with fun, you can be rest assured that Bungie and 343 have created and continue to create worthwhile narratives and set-pieces. Also, there’s something special about riding shotgun in a warthog while you blast enemies.

Halo happens to be one of the Xbox’s killer apps and it’s honestly no surprise. High octane action, big guns, aliens, and vehicles usually make for really fun gameplay. Adding the joys of online co-op, which provides the fun of playing with friends who just can’t make it over to your house, adds to the overall experience.


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