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5 Modern Games That Desperately Need Physical Manuals


5 Modern Games That Desperately Need Physical Manuals

The era of wonderfully detailed, packaged in, physical game manuals is long gone.



Destiny has to be one of the most poorly explained games of all time. Maybe some people like having an inventory full of items that have no use before reaching level 20 and wondering what they do, but it’s mostly just frustrating. Why am I collecting spin metal? What do strange coins do? Where is Xur and why does he keep moving around every week and disappearing? There are so many little aspects of Destiny that are left to be confusing and not in a good way.

Also, if Bungie is so keen on keeping Destiny’s story out of the game and hidden away in a mobile app, including some backstory in a manual would have been the least the could have done. Although it’s hard to believe if you never checked out the grimoire, Destiny does actually have some interesting lore. The game’s back story (that the Speaker could tell you but won’t), the reason for why we raid the Vault of Glass, and the military structure of the different enemy groups all make for a good read. But alas, you’re going to have to get up your grimoire score if you ever want to read all about it.

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