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5 Games With Incredible Multiplayer


5 Games With Incredible Multiplayer

There are tons of fantastic multiplayer games out there, but here are 5 games that really stand out…

The Last of Us


The Last of Us Online puts the player into a true survival situation.

You become a survivor in The Last of Us universe and you must fight for the remaining resources. Brutality, strategy and stealthiness are required in this extremely detailed and competitive multiplayer game.

The Last of Us has won dozens of awards ever since its original release in 2013 and developers Naughty Dog not only presented a thrilling story mode, but a fantastic multiplayer mode as well. Players fight in factions trying to gain food and resources for their growing parties. Different game modes, such as Survivor, require team work, communication and patience in order to successfully defeat your opponents.

The most impressive aspect of this multiplayer mode is the detail of crafting and approach players can take to win. Items are placed throughout the map for the players to use and craft stronger weapons or ammunition. Using similar mechanics to the main story mode, like Listen Mode, the game impressively places players into a real competitive survival situation.

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