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4 Types of Players You Might Meet in H1Z1


4 Types of Players You Might Meet in H1Z1

H1Z1 Early Access is being released on the 15th of January. Get ready for the gangs.



What kind of player will you be in H1Z1?

The zombie apocalypse brings out the worst in people as terrifying and dark decisions have to be made. Bandits have already moved on to the dark side, where selfishness and brutality corrupts their mindsets.

These types of players are desperate to survive and will kill on sight in order to get improved gear, items, and weapons. DayZ has illustrated the result of bandits where cooperation and team-work has been little to non-existent so far. H1Z1 will definitely involve similar players who want to survive alone, or with a small group, and so other players should always be cautious.

H1Z1 focuses on team-building where survival is made easier with a larger group. With zombie hordes being a major aspect of the game, traversing the landscape as a one man death squad may not be the best idea.

This latest zombie survival game has elements to prevent banditry (such as no server hopping to find better loot) and is looking much more like a cohesive style of game than others within the same genre.


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