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3 Misunderstood Gaming Characters of 2014


3 Misunderstood Gaming Characters of 2014

2014 brought us a lot of new characters, here are 3 that seemed to have slipped through the cracks…

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Aiden Pearce


Aiden Pearce could also be an antagonist.

The main protagonist of Watch Dogs has come under a lot of criticism for his somewhat bland character design, personality, and position in the overall storyline. He is brutal, merciless, and importantly – a criminal.

His own history of hacking, theft, and robbery caused the death of Lena Pearce, Aiden’s niece, which changes his perspective on the importance of family. Watch Dogs is driven by revenge and the emotional trauma that Aiden experiences throughout. However, he seems to deal with these issues in a much more indirect way.

Aiden’s character is very protective of the people he holds close but continues to remain calm whilst not showing any conscious in killing several people.

He may not appeal to many players, but Ubisoft were successful in creating a protagonist that could easily become a main nemesis in a gaming series but instead is given to the player to control as the “hero.”

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