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What Do You Think of Video Game Award Shows?


What Do You Think of Video Game Award Shows?

Love them, hate them, or don’t even care?

Considering that The Game Awards are tomorrow, I asked the staff at Twinfinite their opinions on the nominations, predictions on the winners, and what they think of game award shows in general.

The Question:

What do you guys think of the Game Award nominees? Who do you think is going to win?


Claudia Lorenzo: Is it something that’s voted on by people or some kind of panel? Nevermind, just read it. If it’s decided by a panel of judges, I’m gonna say Bayonetta 2 for GOTY.

Ishmael Romero: Bayonetta? Oh no. Probably Mario Kart, Dragon Age, or Borderlands (not my choices).

Yamilia Avendano: For game of the year, I’m going to guess that Dragon Age is gonna win.

Chris Fox: Agreed, Yami! I think it’s between that and Dark Souls.

Ishmael Romero: If either of those get it, I will never care about game awards again. Who am I kidding, I don’t even care now.

dragon age inquisition

Claudia Lorenzo: If it’s decided by a panel of game critics, then yeah, I’m standing by Bayonetta. Everyone loved that game.

Yamilia Avendano: What does everyone think about award ceremonies for games in general? I think it’s lame this is by a panel of judges instead of gamers as a whole, I have a tiny problem with shit that’s not, like, The People’s Choice Awards.

Chris Fox: Check out how HARD the voting will be for Best Indie Game and Games For Change.

Claudia Lorenzo: I feel like This War of Mine will win Games for Change.

this war of mine

Yamilia Avendano: I don’t trust panels of judges.

Chris Fox: Neither do I, but I think it’s important for the industry. They show who all the judges are, and they’re all pretty well-known writers.

Claudia Lorenzo: Also, people got to choose the nominations, I think.

Ishmael Romero: The people that choose the game of the year always have the dumbest reasons. Fans should definitely decide.

Chris Fox: Did they? I’m not sure if we got to choose nominees. But I know there are like people’s choice awards at the bottom of the page where they’re allowing votes.

Claudia Lorenzo: To be honest, I kind of see why they wouldn’t do it that way ’cause I feel like it’s then a competition of the biggest fanbase. Like Call of Duty could win simply because there’s a shitload of players.

Ishmael Romero: I dont think the awards are important for the industry. I think it’s just for people to get on TV.

Claudia Lorenzo: Oh, wait, nevermind, they were chosen by the jury. I’m guessing they’re trying to make this like the Oscars of gaming.

oscars selfie

Ishmael Romero: I just feel like they purposely give awards to games that shouldn’t get awards.

Yamilia Avendano: I don’t want to come off like I don’t like awards ceremonies. I would have GONE to this had I heard about it sooner. Fancy shit is great! I just hope that more award ceremonies start popping up, and that at least one allows gamers to decide.

Chris Fox: Ishmael, it’s important to award creativity in the medium. It validates art as an artform to say that we take it seriously as a collective.

Yamilia Avendano: I think it’s super important because it puts gaming on the map. Provided it’s not a shit show like VGX was. Plus, I wanna present an award one day lookin’ on fleek as shit #yadig?

Claudia Lorenzo: This one’s not gonna be on TV, I think it’s only Twitch/Steam/XBL/PSN. Also, I still don’t understand how winners are being determined, this site is weird. There’s a fan choice category.

Chris Fox: Winners are determined by the panel of judges. Fan choice are just aggregate votes. The item with the biggest picture in fan choice is the one that’s currently winning.

Yamilia Avendano: It’s just a fancy thing to make it seem like the opinion of the public matters.

Ishmael Romero: Creativity in the medium is rewarded. We dont need some drummed up silly spectacle with celebrities and all that jazz. I feel like these award shows are making gaming something that it’s not.

Chris Fox: I do like how they’re featuring “Trending Gamers.” That gives Youtubers and LP’ers their due and proper. I’m also thankful that Totalbiscuit is winning over Pewds.


Ishmael Romero: I’m gonna watch to see how this one goes, just remind me when it’s on.

Yamilia Avendano: I think I’m intrinsically the opposite in this regard, Ishmael. Because I LOVE that the gaming industry is becoming more like Hollywood. I wanna be the JLaw of gaming.

Claudia Lorenzo: The picture they chose for Jeff Gerstmann is hilarious.

Chris Fox: Yamilia, same. I want developers to be rewarded by more than just their bottom line. Big pretty trophies are awesome as long as they aren’t cash-ins by lame award show people.

Ishmael Romero: I hate that gaming is becoming like Hollywood. The more it’s moved towards that route, the worse games have become. It’s become more about spectacle than the technology behind the games and them actually working. You now have developers focusing on art and sound rather than mechanics and delivering beautifully mediocre titles. And it just always feels like a show of favoritism. Many times, great games don’t even get a mention. I just hate how award shows work in general.

Claudia Lorenzo: I don’t think it’s bad necessarily, I think it’ll make things more expansive. Hollywood still makes all kinds of movies in spite of how weird the culture has become and there are so many great ones. I feel that’s why it’s good they’re using judges instead of public opinion, to be honest.

Mike Geib: If the decision is up to the players, I don’t care at all. Waste of time. Repeat of any random popularity pool. The nominees for some of the categories are shit.

Ishmael Romero: Gaming doesn’t really do that anymore. It’s had the opposite effect for the most part; the bigger it gets the safer it wants to play. Indies take risks every now and then and that’s cool, but even those are losing sight. I feel these award shows, which are just popularity contests, for the most part feed into that. Or I could just be weird.


Claudia Lorenzo: The people’s choice and stuff like that are, which is why no one really respects those awards that much. Stuff done by panel (Oscars, for example) are usually more revered which is what they’re looking to accomplish with this, I think.

Mike Geib: True, I think they went in the right direction with doing it Jury-style. But their nominees don’t make any sense.

Ishmael Romero: I understand all that. I just don’t like it. Feels fake to me.

Mike Geib: I think my biggest issue is that film at least has maintained a thin veneer of artistic value despite the absolutely unbelievable bullshitery of the MPAA. Gaming, though, still is a medium that gets praised for random acts of art, not as a medium inherently capable of it. Like, “Remasters” being an awards category. A remaster is a glorified way to sell more copies of the same game; what value does it have to gaming as a digital medium? If backwards compatibility wasn’t erased as a part of profiteering, remasters wouldn’t even be as much of a thing as they are now.

the last of us

Ishmael Romero: Games are more than art, which is why the awards never sit well for me. You can’t judge personal experience, it’s just weird. Dont know how to explain it.

Mike Geib: Best indie game is a joke. Broken Age wasn’t an indie game; it was developed by a fucking legend with a 7 figure budget.

Ishmael Romero: But they are still technically independent. That’s what you get with these award shows.

Chris Fox: The indie category is my favorite, actually. All of those games are small-scale and fantastic. Broken Age is the only one that skirts as an exception, and I still consider it indie, even if it’s Schafer’s baby. Big budget doesn’t mean not indie to me. Crews doing what they want in the way they want, with the freedom to do so, is indie.


The conversation sort of lost track at that point, but you got the gist of various opinions. So what do you think? Where do you stand on this topic?
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