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The Ultimate Snowdown Skin Gifting Guide


The Ultimate Snowdown Skin Gifting Guide

It’s that time of year again folks. The poros are frolicking, Howling Abyss is somehow even colder than before, and Ashe, Lissandra, and the rest of the Freljord champions are probably laughing while everyone else is freezing. If there’s one thing we can look forward to every Snowdown, it’s a new batch of League of Legends champion skins. This year, Riot is not only releasing three new skins, but they’re also opening up the vault and allowing people to buy skins from Snowdowns past. If you’re a little overwhelmed about having to choose which skin to gift your friends on the Rift, look no further than this Snowdown gifting guide, arranged by preferred role!

For the Top Laner: Snow Day Singed

Snow Day Singed

Everyone has that one friend that likes to play top lane. Chances are, they get bored up there sometimes all by themselves. What better gift to them than a skin for a champion that makes top lane fun? Snow Day Singed is a great-looking and hilarious skin with animations that are sure to put you in a Winter spirit. If nothing else, get it because he hits people with a sled while holding a snowball.

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