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Top Five Moments of League of Legends IEM San Jose


Top Five Moments of League of Legends IEM San Jose

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IEM San Jose was CRAZY. We saw top tier teams lose to new blood, we saw the new map and patch in action and best of all we saw Twisted Fate jungle. There was hype, there was action and there were some sick plays. Let’s take a look at them.

Twisted Fate Jungle

Team Solo Mid is a staple of the American LCS scene. They’ve been at the top for a long time and have some of the most recognizable faces on their line up.
They are up against Unicorns of Love, a young challenger team who recently made it into EU LCS. 

First game against Team Solo Mid, they bait Bjergsen into a Xerath lock, thinking he’d be playing against Twisted Fate but in the last picks of the game, they took Leblanc mid and rising jungle star Kikis took Twisted Fate into the jungle. It’s absurd. It’s difficult. It’s bold.

And it worked.


You want people to respect you? You want fans? No better way to do that than to beat the most popular mid laner in the West with the cheesiest pick of all time. Remember though, Attack Damage Jungle Twisted Fate is not for solo queue, kids. Do not try this at home, you will get reported.


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