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The Telltale Games Collection Available Now on Xbox One


The Telltale Games Collection Available Now on Xbox One

Available right now, Telltale Games has released The Telltale Games Collection on the Xbox One for $110.

The Telltale Games Collection includes all five complete seasons of the developer’s adventure games. This includes all episodes of Game of Thrones, Tales From the Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Purchasing the bundle will save you around $20, as each game purchased individually would total up to $130.

Telltale Games and Minecraft developer, Mojang have also recently announced their work on Minecraft: Story Mode, so it doesn’t look like Telltale Games plans on taking a break at any time.

Minecraft Story Mode

If you’re not currently playing one of the many other Telltale adventure games, check out Twinfinite’s piece on other games that the developer hasn’t gotten around to making yet!


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