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The Last of Us Remastered Gets New Multiplayer Content


The Last of Us Remastered Gets New Multiplayer Content

During the PlayStation Experience Event, Sony and Naughty Dog released new information on the new content and add-ons that are available right now on The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer.

The trailer shows off new weapons, skills, customization, character gestures and brutal executions. If you were one of the players who participated in The Last of Us Remastered tournament in Vegas, you’ll be able to download all the new content for free today.

Available for download is the Tactical Weapon Bundle, which includes the Tactical Shotgun, the Crossbow, the Burst Pistol and the Frontier Rifle. The whole bundle is available for $2.99, though each weapon can be purchased individually for $0.99.

The Last of Us

The new Risk Management Survival Skills Bundle grants players the Lone Wolf skill, which allows players temporary survival skills while away from their team. Second Chance, which grants the player a health kit when they don’t have one and their health drops below half.  Jack of All Trades, the skill that gets you grab-bag level 1 skills for cheap. Lucky Break, which provides you with more ammo and crafting ingredients when you open supply boxes and the Lethal Efficiency skill, which helps you perform a faster neck snap when you’re performing a special execution. Each skill can be purchased together for $3.99 or individually for $0.99.

Eight new masks and hat customization items are available as well in the Misfit Head Item Bundle for $6.99.

Finally, the game has two new Gesture bundles available for download. Each pack costs $2.49 separately, or individually for $0.99. Gesture Pack 2 includes the Dust Myself Off, Evil Laugh, Game Over and Intimidation gestures. Gesture Pack 3 includes the You’re Done, Combat Formation, Stretch and I’m watch You gestures.


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