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The Crew Servers Going Down 16:00-20:00 CET


The Crew Servers Going Down 16:00-20:00 CET

While racing around in The Crew right now driving down to Miami a small black box graced my screen. As it turns out, Ubisoft are going to be closing down the servers for a short time.

The message stated that they were shutting down the online portion of The Crew – which basically means the whole game – from 16:00 CET to 20:00 CET to deal with a technical issue that must have arisen during the past few hours. This wasn’t just a random message however as they did say at the end “Thank you for your comprehension”. I’ll admit I’ve never seen that but it’s a nice touch.

So what does that mean for you folks? Well as far as we know so far, this is only on the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Whether the same maintenance or whatever it is they are doing will be followed up on other platforms remains to be seen. If you’re planning to return home from work/school/mining for a few hours on The Crew and you are unfortunate enough to get online between these times, The Crew as a whole will be unplayable.

It has to be noted that before this message popped up, I did experience a few issues. Vehicles would pop in on one side of the road before suddenly disappearing and a handful of cop cars would phase in out of nowhere directly in my path. This lead to a few squeaky-bum-time moments but as a whole there seem to be no obvious and huge issues rolling around that I can see.

If you are playing The Crew on Xbox One or PC please leave a comment down below if you’ve seen this message pop up today. Should this maintenance be extended in some way or become a serious problem, keep a close eye on Ubisoft’s twitter support account or the official The Crew account’s feed.

UPDATE: The Crew‘s official twitter account states that the servers will be down for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC users from 16:00 to 16:45 rather than the originally intended 4 hour run. Whether this holds true we will wait and see.

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