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Sword of Crota Added to Destiny Patrol Missions


Sword of Crota Added to Destiny Patrol Missions

Youtube user MoreConsole reveals that the latest update to Destiny added a new gameplay feature to the game that many Destiny players have been clamoring for: the Sword of Crota.

Previously only available during the story mission: The Sword of Crota, players were given an opportunity to wield the powerful blade as waves of enemies attacked. The powerful weapon cut foes down quickly with precision and style.

This new addition to the game can be accessed by finding Hive Knights wielding the blade during patrol missions in Old Russia or the Moon. The player is then given a brief period of time to wield the badass blade before it disappears.

Whether or not this addition is going to be a prominent feature of the next expansion: The Dark Below has yet to be seen, but one thing is certain – the future of Destiny is bright.

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