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Sweet New Gear for Top 100 Ranked Advanced Warfare Players


Sweet New Gear for Top 100 Ranked Advanced Warfare Players

All those years of grinding have paid off, kids. It’s finally here.
Advanced Warfare gets a hella cool incentive and reward for those top 100 ranked players. It’s much deserved considering the amount of time, effort, and Mt. Dew that went into it. For a scene that’s always prided itself on presentation this is about as braggadocios as it gets.

For some this might be a call to arms and makes them want to grind the ladder.
For others like myself it makes you look forward to the next Battlefield.

However you look at this, it’s pretty cool that the developer would make decent reward for those who do commit themselves to the game.
Plenty of other game have ranking tiers that offer different rewards and the FPS scene has always had a lackluster ranking system despite being on the most popular genres of gaming.
Maybe in time we’ll see a little more order added to Advanced Warfare and incentive to everyone who plays the game to give Ranking a shot.

advanced warfare

Stay gold, BronyBoy


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