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Super Smash Bros Error Bricking Consoles


Super Smash Bros Error Bricking Consoles

It appears as though even Nintendo is not immune to launching a game with serious issues. ERROR CODE 160-0103 is starting to plague Smash players everywhere.

While the official cause of the error is unknown, many players speculate the error stems from the update data from Smash and not the console itself. Some users also report that the issue arose after playing online in “For Glory” mode, powering off the console, and then powering back on.

Also, users are experiencing yet another error code: 160-1710. This occurs when attempting to access the data management portion of the WiiU home menu. This error can lead to a wipe of the system memory causing users to lose data. Those who encountered the error contacted Nintendo. Unsure of how to proceed, Nintendo urged users to either format their consoles, or send it in for repairs. But unfortunately for some, formatting the console led to their console bricking.

Nintendo is aware of the issue and working on a fix, but still no official announcement from Nintendo.

YouTube user Trippy12345ify documents the issue:

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