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Steins Gate Confirmed for PS3 and PSVita English Release


Steins Gate Confirmed for PS3 and PSVita English Release

Hit visual novel Steins Gate heads West Once More – This Time on Consoles

Shocking pretty much everyone, the visual novel Steins Gate will be coming to Western audiences on the PS3 and PSVita.

Previously released by JASTUSA for the PC, Steins Gate is a popular sci-fi visual novel and widely regarded as one of the best examples of the medium. Set in modern-day Japan in the nerd-friendly district of Akihabara, Steins Gate tells the story of the Future Gadget Lab. Its members, a bunch of college students, accidentally develop a time machine capable of sending text messages into the past.

steins gate

Praised for its incredible storytelling and characters, Steins Gate is a traditional visual novel with multiple branching narratives and not much gameplay apart from some choices. Originally given a fan translation, it was officially licensed by JASTUSA for the PC and distributed digitally, in a limited edition, and now as a “best edition.” The PS3 and PSVita versions of the game will be distributed by PQube.

In a statement from the publisher, their build for the game was given to them directly by MAGES, the original publisher in Japan for the title. It is unknown at this time whether the translation will be entirely reworked, or if the PC version’s rendition will be used.

PQube has also stated that they would like very much to release the game in both a digital and physcial format. These details are also not certain, so collectors will have to wait with bated breath.

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