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Steam Broadcasting Lets You Show off Your Skills


Steam Broadcasting Lets You Show off Your Skills

In times of twitch and PS4 Youtube sharing, Steam was bound to react. Well, it did and now there’s this thing called Steam Broadcasting, which will allow your friends to watch as you play any game on Steam.

This newly announced feature, which will undergo a beta period, will allow players to watch their friends’ playthroughs over Valve’s platform. It’s as easy as right-clicking on a friend who is in-game and selecting “Watch game”.

Steam Broadcasting feature

Of course this raises some privacy concerns. According to Steam’s announcement, Steam Broadcasting users will be able to select who is able to watch their streamings with options ranging from “Only friends that I invite” to “Anyone can watch my games”. If the latter is selected, the streaming will show up in the game’s community hub, giving access to anyone interested.

This is where Twitch’s territory gets crossed. Steam Broadcasting will not only represent competition, but will also do it in a way in which streamings will be sorted by games, increasing the importance of sub-communities and generating user interaction.

There are still many questions, especially concerning the amount of viewers and how this streaming service will work with slower internet connections. Nonetheless, one thing is sure: Steam is keeping up with the gaming world novelties and this can only deliver very interesting consequences down the road.

It’s time to show your friends what proper pro-gaming looks like, right?

Beta signups for Steam Broadcasting are already available for all Steam users.

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