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Sony's Third Holiday Sale Week is Live, Live, Live


Sony's Third Holiday Sale Week is Live, Live, Live


Ah, gotta love those holiday sales.

Amazon‘s shown what they’re hooking gamers up with to bring in the new year, and now Sony’s revealed what’s part of their third week of their holiday sale. The Playstation Store has a huge discount on games until next Monday the 22nd. You can grab Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for $45, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for $30, and Hotline Miami for $3. Even better, if you’re a PS+ member, you get an additional bonus with titles up to 70% off. Meaning if you’ve been on the fence about Metro Redux or Child of Light,  they’ll only set you back $30 and $7.50, respectively. TV shows and films will be on sale an extra week until December 29th. The full list of games, movies, and shows is available here.

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