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Sony Withdraws Sponsorship of FIFA Due to Controversy


Sony Withdraws Sponsorship of FIFA Due to Controversy

There is nothing worse than when something intended for good turns sour. We’ve all experienced “No good deed goes unpunished.” Sony has felt its hand forced in the latest update in their sponsorship of FIFA or The Fédération Internationale de Football Association.


Highway collapses due to too much stress

The previous World Cup held in Brazil was all but smooth sailing. Multiple collapses of the arena, walkways, and general hazards ran amok during the event resulting in the death of workers and injuries of fans. Security lapses lead to destruction of the property and the whole thing was just a general failure.

There have been even more controversies rising with Qatar’s hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It extends far beyond the rumors of bribery and allegations of corruption between officials in FIFA but even the country itself is a poor choice for such a sporting event considering its horrid climate and lackluster funds for even creating a competent stadium plus civil unrest that has been growing for the past two decades.

Perhaps the deadliest nail in the coffin is Qatar’s impressive backwards policies on homosexuality. Qatar provides “medical” screenings to determine who is and isn’t homosexual and allows them entry to the country based on this fact. Obviously, this will make hosting an international event that has a huge fanbase of differing sexuality difficult.


I’m no business major, but this doesn’t look great.

In addition, Sony has suffered from financial insecurity for a number of years now and looks to withdraw as much spending as possible. Eliminating such a risky sponsorship can only be helpful to the veteran company as well as buy them points with those of the LGTBQ community that feel wronged and victimized by FIFA’s engagement with such lewd and improper countries. Sony has only to gain from this decision.

So much for the good of the game.

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