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Sony Hack Reveals Nintendo and Sony are Making a Super Mario Brothers Movie


Sony Hack Reveals Nintendo and Sony are Making a Super Mario Brothers Movie

Of all the cinematic disasters that have resulted from video games being adapted into films, there are perhaps none as infamous as Super Mario Bros. A disaster of a film starring Dennis Hopper, Bob Hoskins, and John Leguizamo, Super Mario Bros. bombed hard at the box office. It was enough of a creative clusterfuck to warn Nintendo off of collaborating with Hollywood ever again. Many producers have made plays for Super MarioZelda, and Metroid films over the years, but none of have been successful. And it was thought that none of Nintendo’s characters would reach the big screen ever again.

Until today! In the fallout of the recent Sony hack that has revealed many corporate projects, new information has come to light that Sony and producer Avi Arad, responsible for Spider-Man films both past and present, are negotiating with Nintendo for the rights to Super Mario Brothers. The intent? A new Super Mario Brothers film, apparently animated rather than live action.

Producer Avi Arad denied reports that Sony currently has the rights, rather that negotiations are just beginning for the property. Still…wow. Sony, of all companies, producing a film based on Nintendo products? It sounds strange, but the Sony hack has revealed other bizarre details – like 23 Jump Street being a backdoor reboot of Men In Black, So, I mean, who knows? We may actually see another Super Mario Brothers film.

For better or for worse.

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