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6 Games That Telltale Surprisingly Hasn't Made


6 Games That Telltale Surprisingly Hasn't Made

Telltale has been making game after game this year. But here are six that they haven’t made…yet.

Star Wars

Star Wars KOTOR

Telltale is clearly willing to tackle just about any property, so why not a property far, far away? Star Wars is getting back into a resurgence, what with that trailer and all. So it only makes sense for them to do George Lucas’ epic space adventure in time for The Force Awakens. The only question would be: who would you play as? Our suggestion? A Clone Trooper who is incredibly indecisive. Talk to characters from the Clone Wars cartoon like Ahsoka and Anakin, and make decisions that’ll lead to you either murdering the Jedi in Order 66 or being one of the Clone Troopers who dies while trying to murder the Jedi in Order 66. If you pick the latter, just remember to succeed in the murdering, because Jedi will remember you if you fail. And they’ll come for your ass.


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