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Shovel Knight Featuring Kratos as a Boss


Shovel Knight Featuring Kratos as a Boss

Shovel Knight is an amazing game. There are no two ways around that fact.

As far as platformers go, Shovel Knight had the best story, the best action, and the most exquisite execution of any game playing off of the retro-nostalgia feel of indie games these days. The Game Awards 2014 agreed, as Shovel Knight won for Best Independent Game. And gamers rewarded the game as well, as the developers at Yacht Club Games have reported over 300,000 sales of their beloved Kickstarter baby.

Riding off this success, Shovel Knight is expanding in a big way, directly toward Sony. Shovel Knight will be receiving ports to all current gen Sony platforms: PS3, Vita, and PS4 equally. As if this news weren’t already amazing enough, the introduction to the Sony line of consoles will also bring what is assumed to be a new level, with a new “knight” to combat against.

shovel knight

The iconic Sony knight making his debut is none other than God of Wars‘ Kratos. He is shown looking buff as always, with flaming swords as one would expect. It’s great to see our buff god in pixelated fashion, and he will no doubt be a fearsome foe among the likes of the other knights featured in Shovel Knight. We’ll be receiving our new Shovel Knight ports sometime in 2015.


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