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Scrolls, the Next Mojang Game, Is Finally Debuting


Scrolls, the Next Mojang Game, Is Finally Debuting

Years after it was announced, ages after the never-ending success of Minecraft, Mojang is finally giving itself a nice stretch and releasing a new game.

Scrolls has been available for awhile now for some gamers during its beta. The game, which blends hex-based combat with a collectible card game (à la Hearthstone), has been quietly adding featuring for some time now. And the game seems to be at the sufficient point of development that Mojang feels it is ready to be launched, as shown by the release of the official launch trailer for Scrolls.


Just like Minecraft, Scrolls is a deceptively simple game by appearance. Just like most CCGs, you apply cards from a deck to a field of combat, and they duke it out until you hopefully defeat the enemy opponent’s main structures. Behind that premise lies the complex hex-based movement of you minions around the map, offering unique strategies of taking down your opponent and their defenses. The game also features unique resource management systems to help you gain new cards or abilities in more efficient ways depending on what you’ve drawn on a given turn.

At any rate, Scrolls looks exceptionally complex and seems to be a very fun alternative to Hearthstone. It also has a very promising pricing model, and Mojang has insisted that you shouldn’t need to pay more than the price of the game itself to succeed in the game, meaning that the big spenders in the Scrolls will have to play the game and become skilled just like the rest of us, rather than paying to win.


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