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Rumor: Assassin's Creed Victory Set in Victorian London


Rumor: Assassin's Creed Victory Set in Victorian London

Just when you thought you could go a month without hearing about Assassin’s Creed, here’s something out of the rumor mill, courtesy of Kotaku, as always. Their unnamed source has given them some information on the next title in the franchise, subtitled Victory. Because it’s set in Victorian London, get it? The game will be the first in the series to be led by Ubisoft’s Quebec studio, which the Ubisoft blog hinted at earlier this year. Ubi-Quebec has developed the Freedom Cry DLC for AC IV: Black Flag and The Tyranny of King Washington for AC III. The source also says that this’ll be the only main Assassin’s Creed game this fall, meaning no Rogue for the last-gen folks. At least, right now.

There’s no video attached to Kotaku’s story, but they do mention some new side missions, such as gambling in a pub and street racing with carriages. The unnamed assassin in the demo fights with Templars on top of a speeding carriage with the typical assassin killing skill. Also new to the series is the addition of a grappling hook, which he uses to swing and stab his target in the chest, almost like Batman in the Arkham games. The video ends with the assassin jumping onto a moving train and killing the Templars on board. He leaps off the train and into a haystack, because of course there’s a haystack, at which point the Assassin’s Creed logo pops up.

As a series, Assassin’s Creed hit a stuttering point this year with Unity shitting the bed three times over. The studio has lost a lot of goodwill this year, so they’ll have to work to get people excited for Victory. Ubisoft has kept mum about Victory so far. When it changes, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, does any of this sound interesting to you? Would you play Victory, having played or just hearing about Unity? Let us know in the comments below.

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