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Rekkles Sets Things Straight in New Vlog


Rekkles Sets Things Straight in New Vlog

One of the scene’s most beloved players, Martin Rekkles” Larsson, has been under fire almost non-stop since the ending of Season 4 Worlds for allegedly betraying Fnatic, encouraging the line-up to move on and allowing himself to be “poached” by fellow EU LCS and long time rival, Alliance.

This year was Rekkles’ first true appearances in the European LCS. After brief spotlights at Dreamhack and starting the failed Challenger team Fnatic Beta, 2014 Spring Split was his first time officially playing in LCS weekly as a starting player. After a tough spring split, he managed to cinch the title for Fnatic alongside longtime teammates xPeke, Soaz, Cyanide and Yellowstar. The summer split that followed was less than perfect for the team, managing to pull themselves a massive winstreak in the last three weeks of the competition but ultimately lost the 1st place title to Alliance for the first time in three splits. Despite this setback, Rekkles managed to set personal records in LCS history, lowest deaths for a split (27 deaths in 28 games) and tied with North American player Mancloud for most kills in a split (167 over 28 games).

Going into Worlds, he states in his new vlog, the team was burnt-out and lacked motivation to go forward and although they landed themselves in a tough group stage he feels they did as well as he could have expected. He addresses the issues placed against him such as his contract issues with Fnatic and transferring to Alliance as well as his sudden disappearances from League of Legends social media. Much of this was credited to contract demands that kept him from speaking out about his situation in Fnatic and the transfer in whole. He explains how xPeke and Cyanide leaving actually preceded his own departure and signaled him that his time with Fnatic would come to an end. xPeke was set on starting a new team for himself and even offered the ADC role to Rekkles who declined stating that he felt safer knowing Alliance was a qualified team. Cyanide on the other hand has publicly admitted to losing his desire to play competitively and Rekkles goes on to mention how he admired the player’s mindset and take on games and strongly wishes to play with xPeke and Cyanide again. He’s not much to say regarding his former top laner and support but mentions that he knew their player to player relationship was lacking. It was this sort of relationship he noticed between Tabzz and the rest of Alliance and set the move in motion.


Although there is plenty covered in the 20 minute vlog by the young star, much of it he is still forced to keep to himself due to contract issues. He does however mention that he hopes to make another vlog if needed and open himself up to the community. Youtube and Reddit comments, notorious for their hyper critical statements, have actually trended in favor of Rekkles and hopefully this will be the start of the community accepting him once again.
You can watch the full thing for yourself here:

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