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Notch's $70 Million Mansion Already Made in Minecraft


Notch's $70 Million Mansion Already Made in Minecraft

After news broke that Minecraft creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, outbid Jay-Z and Beyoncé for his newly purchased Beverly Hills mansion worth $70 million, someone has already gone and recreated his mansion in Minecraft.

Notch's Minecraft Mansion

That certain someone is Youtuber and Minecrafter, Dan Bovey, who rebuilt the entire mansion with extreme detail, including every room in the house and even the replica James Dean motorcycle. Bovey’s tour through the pixelated rebuilt mansion follows the same path as the tour through the $70 million mansion’s actual video. Except, there might be some slight noticeable differences.

Bovey’s take on ‘Notch’s LA Mansion’ is available for download here.


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