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Destiny: The Dark Below – How To Unlock the New Strike


Destiny: The Dark Below – How To Unlock the New Strike

Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, is upon us and the new strike, Will of is ready for challengers, provided that you complete a few tasks first.

The first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, has finally been released and many people have gathered around to tackle the new challenges that await. Upon signing in you may have gotten the urge to take on the new strike only to realize that it is nowhere to be found. Before you give yourself a headache trying to remember if a new multiplayer strike was indeed in the cards, we can assure you that it is in there. You only need to complete a few tasks before you are able to unlock it.

Once you enter the Tower you will find Eris Morn, a guardian who once faced Crota and lives to tell the tale. As part of The Dark Below she will provide you with three story missions. Once you complete these you will have the option of 2 different tasks. One will require that you kill 25 Hive knights or wizards, this is the one you need to do in order to get closer to that strike you’ve been looking forward to. This shouldn’t prove to be too difficult since you can kill any 25 knights or wizards and they will count towards your goal.

Now this is when things start to get interesting. Upon completion of the previous objective, you will be given three targets to take out on various locations on Earth. Unfortunately these targets will require that you use a bit of your memory of the areas of Destiny. You will have to do some hunting on Earth, but you can knock all three out in one patrol. Here is where to find them:

Task 1

In order to take out the Eyes of Crota you will need to head to the Terrestrial Complex in Old Russia. You may remember defending this area from the hive in a previous story mission. You will find a knight praying in front of some treasure. Kill the knight, steal the treasure and kill the three Eye’s of Crota that appear and you’re one step closer to your new Destiny strike.

Task 2

Now you can make your way towards the Hand of CrotaIn order to eliminate this target you will want to head to the Lunar Complex, which is that building with a huge satellite on top. You can see it from the spawn point when you choose the Earth patrol mission in Destiny. Walk through the the building until you come across a thrall praying in a corner. Kill it in order to attract your true target, the Hand of Crota and then take it out.

Task 3

The third and final target is the Heart of Crota. To find this one you will need to go to the Refinery. In case you’re not sure where that is, it’s the area where you fight the three waves during the Sepkis Prime strike. Search the building in order to find a servant praying. Once you kill the servant you will face the Heart of Crota and you are now ready to return to the tower.

All that’s left for you to do is to turn in the bounties and your new strike is available. The Will of Crota is now open to you and whoever you decide to bring with you on your quest to stop Crota’s advances in The Dark Below.

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