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New Hearthstone Expansion Debuts December 8th


New Hearthstone Expansion Debuts December 8th

Hearthstone players rejoice! Blizzard has just announced details on the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion as well as its release date on December 8th. Unlike their Curse of Naxxramas update (not an “expansion,” more like a challenging DLC) which only added a handful of cards, Gnomes vs Goblins will be completely rewriting the map of Hearthstone. One of the biggest complaints in the Heartstone scene is the unavoidable meta that develops around the cards.

In a game based around maths, you’re inevitably going to have some cards which are more efficient than others, and those will begin to rise in popularity, and you would be a fool not to have it in your deck. That all changes with this expansion, as Hearthstone will have an influx of 120 cards, all focused on – as the title suggests – goblins, gnomes, and mechs. Many of these cards are oriented around battlecrys and taunts, and lots of spell cards that focus on status ailments or mixing up stats for cards.

This will make a lot of games wacky, as switching up stats will force players to constantly alter their strategies on the fly. Moreover, the restructuring of metas will breathe an air of life into Hearthstone. Despite the game having millions of players, CCGs (collectible card games) rely strictly on new cards to make metas more flexible. However, with Hearthstone in its current state, many times you’ll know what strategy your opponent is using within the first two or three cards. This made the competitive mode incredibly difficult, and even Arena mode was hampered by the majority of hardcore players knowing the optimal cards, and always choosing them, leaving everyone else at the whims of the Hearthstone RNG system. Diversifying decks will completely shake up the old guard and perhaps make the game more accessible for newcomers while also bringing more diversity to the higher-tier and competitive level players.

Want to see the changes? Blizzard has released a small overview on the Hearthstone website. But the real fun is on their official Facebook page, where they released a huge photo-list of all of the cards, which you can view here. Or you could just get excited and enjoy the kooky Hearthstone Gnomes vs Goblins trailer. No matter how you plan your new optimal strategies, the new expansion will be releasing on December 8th.

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