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Monument Valley and Threes! Receive Game of the Year Status by Apple


Monument Valley and Threes! Receive Game of the Year Status by Apple

Two of the most incredible games for iPhone and iPad receive huge accolades from Apple today with both getting Game of the Year status. Threes!, an amusing and cute puzzle game, was the result of 14 months’ work by the studio Sirvo. The game’s core revolves around a simple math formula and “spatial relations” as Sirvo puts it. The idea is to start with a few multiples of three, add some non-common denominators and let you work it out. Each number is on a tile and beneath each tile is a cute face with cute lines they speak over the cute ambient soundtrack. Guys, this game is cute. Cutest (iOS) Game of the Year award easily.

Monument Valley on the other hand is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece. It is both grandeur in concept and infallible in its execution. Puzzle games tend to come and go without leaving lasting mark but if any game has the potential and the endeavor to become a staple in puzzle gaming, it’d be Monument Valley. It’s game design is a smooth, beautiful and intricate M.C. Escher inspired minimalism. Its conceptual origin can be likened to that of Fez while its aesthetic is rivaled only by other flawless works such as Journey and Mirror’s Edge. You play as Princess Ida who travels through these impossible architectures and optical illusions, seeking penance at the end of the 10 level journey. Presented in isometric angles, the game rarely deviates from its own artistic cohesion leaving the play engorged in a exquisite layout of colors, design, and coddled by a atmospheric and lulling soundtrack. It is the perfect example of a bite-size puzzle game. It doesn’t try to blow your mind and it won’t leave you frustrated and annoyed. It’s got all the heart an indie puzzle game could ever need. A well deserved Game of the Year all in all.

Hearthstone was a runner-up for Game of the Year and many thought it’d cinch the title but these two games are definitely deserving.
What else do you think was worth Game of the Year?

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