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Minecraft: Story Mode coming from Telltale and Mojang


Minecraft: Story Mode coming from Telltale and Mojang

In the past few minutes Mojang and Telltale announced that they are working together on a new game called Minecraft: Story Mode. Yep. This isn’t a joke or clickbait. Telltale Games and Mojang are creating a narrative driven game together.

To create the game, Mojang will be collaborating with Telltale and community members to make it as Minecraft-esque as possible. There are already plans for release, with the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode being released sometime in 2015 and available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, along with PC, Mac, iOS and Android-based devices. It will be released episodically like the recent Tales from the Borderlands.

There’s no intention here for the tale to be an official story of everyone’s favorite Minecraft staple Steve, nor is there any drive towards explaining the world of Minecraft to players.

Over on Telltale‘s post on the subject more details can be found. This isnt a DLC or add-on pack for Minecraft. Rather, it will be a complete stand-alone title which promises to be driven by an original story, “driven by player choice”.

They seem to want to create a story out of a game where players make their own story. There are so many tales created by players in Minecraft that one has to wonder whether Minecraft: Story Mode will be able to encompass this open-ended game and turn it into a good experience. In all fairness, Telltale Games very rarely miss the mark so one can expect this to be a good title.

Whether it will please the Minecraft community is another matter. One would hope it will.

More details about Minecraft: Story Mode will be unveiled next year.

Do you think it will do well? Or are you a little tired of Telltale Games bringing the worlds created by others into life in their own special way? Let us know in the comments down below.

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