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Minecraft Creator Notch Jacked a House from Beyoncé


Minecraft Creator Notch Jacked a House from Beyoncé

Minecraft creator Notch beat out Beyoncé for a beautiful house. This seriously happened.

No, seriously. And the house is freaking amazing.

The LA Times reports that the Minecraft creator, who’s had a pretty good year so far, bought a Beverly Hills spec mansion for $70 million. The house, built by handbag tycoon Bruce Makowsky, has a 2,500-bottle wine room, a 54-foot automated curved glass door that opens the room to a super pool with iPad controlled fountains and panoramic views, and a $200,000 candy room. So much candy.

What makes this all great is that the 8 room, 15 bathroom home was also being bid on by Queen of the Universe Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z. That’s right. The creator of Minecraft beat out the Queen of the Universe for this house.

Guess you could say that Jay-Z has 99 problems, and Notch is one.

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