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Miegakure Trailer Released, Explains 4D Worlds


Miegakure Trailer Released, Explains 4D Worlds

Thinking about a game in 4 dimensions might just be enough to turn your brain into mush. As far as we know, we’ve had 2D games and 3D games. The folks over at mtb design works are hoping to change that with their upcoming PS4 title, Miegakure. In the trailer above, Miegakure’s dimensions are explained and you’ll get a peek at what playing in another dimension would look like.

The gameplay in Miegakure revolves entirely around exploring a 4 dimensional world. The game is built so that we can more easily grasp what another dimension would look like given our perceptions. The mechanics of the game sound complex but likely become more intuitive as you play through.

Miegakure is set to release sometime next year. You can expect a demo of the game at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas on December 6-7th.


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