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Lizard Squad Threatens to Attack Microsoft on Christmas


Lizard Squad Threatens to Attack Microsoft on Christmas

Last night, Xbox Live users across both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles were met with an 80151909 error code that wouldn’t allow them to connect to their Live profile for a few hours. Though, today Live is apparently back up and running for all users.

Shortly after the servers went down, the not-so-anonymous ‘hacker’ group known as Lizard Squad @LizardPatrol, went to Twitter to take responsibility for the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks:

This isn’t the first time that Lizard Squad has taken responsibility for DDoS attacks either. Back in August, the slippery group of social media-using-reptiles claimed to have taken down PlayStation Network. Following this, they had also Tweeted a bomb threat towards the American Airlines flight that President John Smedley of Sony Online Entertainment had been riding.

When a Distributed Denial of Service attack occurs, there’s really no hacking involved in the process. They’re just what happens when multiple viruses are sent to a single system which causes the system to crash as a whole. Your information is not being leaked, the whole thing is just irritating if you’re trying to play online. Using the Distributed Denial of Service attacks, Lizard Squad has also claimed responsibility of server attacks on EA, Grand Theft Auto V, Destiny and League of Legends.

Microsoft told Polygon that “Xbox Live was experiencing log-in issues for some Xbox 360 and Xbox One customers. Service has since been restored-customers now have full access to Xbox Live. As always, please refer to our Xbox Support page for the latest states updates.” As for a reason for the specificity of the server crash, Microsoft responded with “we do not comment on the root cause of a specific issue.”

Haven’t had your fill of Lizard Squad and want more? Well worry not, because apparently they’re still not done.

You got that right, Lizard Squad is preparing for something even bigger for when Christmas roles around and has Microsoft in mind.

Hopefully, they’ll all just surprise us by doing nothing and enjoying the holidays.




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