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LCS Expansion Tournament Comes to an End


LCS Expansion Tournament Comes to an End

After a month of drama, disqualifications, turn-arounds and stomps the LCS Expansion Tournament comes to an end. The semi-finals and finals took place this weekend in the for of a double elimination bracket between LCS hopeful teams Fusion, Coast, Curse Academy and Final Five.

What started Friday afternoon during the LCS Expansion Tournament as a simple best of five series between Fusion and Final Five quickly became a hyped full five game grudge match with Fusion taking the series in the end who moved on only to lose 3-1 to Curse Academy how had 3-1’d Coast.

Coast and Final Five played a loser’s bracket to determine who would play Fusion resulting in a very strong series by Coast against an emotionally destroyed Final Five.

lcs expansion tournament

Fan favorites Team Fusion were not able to qualify for LCS this Spring

Today Fusion and Coast played each other and Fusion took the first two games with ease but were crushed in return 3-2 victory to end the LCS Expansion Tournament.

Curse Academy and Coast will move on to the LCS while Fusion and Final Five instantly qualify for spots in next season’s North American Challenger Scene, the prerequisite for LCS.

Coast will finally see re-entry into the LCS after a full year after relegation while Curse Academy will be a first time LCS team with ex-LCS players such as SaintVicious and Cop. Due to current LCS rules, no entity or organization can own sister teams (to protect from fixed games and abusive contracting) so Curse Academy owner Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet will be forced to sell his former Challenger team.

The LCS Expansion Tournament garnered a strong viewership averaging about 100k per game, despite a shaky start a month ago by the ESL. Many called for ESL to be removed as hosts of the LCS Expansion Tournament after continuous failure to provide quality streams but once games were no longer played online and instead on a live LAN server, the steam was steady and stable.

The Europen LCS Expansion Tournament is set to end next weekend.

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