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Iron Banner Returns to Destiny Starting Today


Iron Banner Returns to Destiny Starting Today

The Iron Banner is back this week in Destiny and it’s once again time for Guardians to show off their true worth in the Crucible. This time around, the Iron Banner will play out similarly to the second incarnation of the tournament (the one that did what it said it was going to do). Level differences, weapon and armor ratings will have an effect on gameplay, so be sure to bring your hardest hitting weapons and your strongest armor.

As far as rewards go, it’s similar to the last time the event was held. There are two pieces of level 31 armor (a notch below new raid equipment). Also, there is a reforgeable Sniper Rifle and Auto Rifle, in addition to all of the cosmetic class items and emblems. Finally, players can once again purchase the tempered buff for one mote of light which increases the amount of reputation gained per win.

Unlike last time however, all Guardians will be starting at Rank 0. Meaning it will be a little more difficult to reach Rank 5 and unlock all of the purchasable items if you were relying on carried over reputation from the first time. If you’re struggling to get that rank up or just want to make sure that you’re being as efficient as possible, check out our Iron Banner tips from last time which are still very relevant for round three aside from the change in rewards noted above. The event will only run for one week, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximize the amount of reputation you’re getting per victory. For some general PvP tips that are certainly applicable to Iron Banner as well, check out our guide on dominating the Crucible.

One last thing that all players should know before starting (that is sure to scare a lot of people when they see it): Despite a banner indicating that it might, the new expansion pack DestinyThe Dark Below, is not required to participate in Iron Banner. No new maps are in the rotation. It’s probably just a glitch.


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