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Humble Bundle Celebrates Huge Milestone with a Video


Humble Bundle Celebrates Huge Milestone with a Video

Humble Bundle has been around for over four years now. More than 48 months of very cheap games, audio books, tv shows, and more; brought to us complemented by a great social collaboration purpose: charity and helping the ones in need.

Those who have been around during Humble Bundle’s lifetime have seen what it generated and how much it has grown. From having one to several bundles per week, including permanent mobile and book sections, it has definitely become a force to be reckoned with as a digital source for cultural products. The best of it all is that we even get DMR-free versions, which means we really get to own stuff.

Now, Humble Bundle’s efforts have reached an incredible milestone and celebrations are in order: 50 million dollars have been raised for charity by the site’s community. These funds have been destined to more than 50 charitable organizations and, as can be seen in the video above, have helped lots of people all around the world. From giving basic resources to entire communities and fighting against diseases to helping to bring gaming to people with disabilities, its customers’ money has taken part in diverse life-changing projects.

Humble Bundle’s endeavors are pretty much win-win situations for all the parts involved and I really hope they can keep their work up. There’s still a lot of people in need of help and it does feel a bit better when our purchases are more than just getting ourselves entertained, right?


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