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How to Move Dark Souls Save Data from GFWL to Steam


How to Move Dark Souls Save Data from GFWL to Steam

Rejoice! Dark Souls is now fully integrated to Steamworks. After months of having minimum GFWL support, From Software has finally fulfilled its promise and completed the move to Steam. As an extra feature, players can import their save data and achievements as well.

In order to get your Dark Souls data on Steam, follow the steps below. (Users who purchased disc versions of the game or bought it in the Games for Windows Live Marketplace have a slightly different procedure.)

  1. Launch the game as usual, and make sure to login on GFWL.
  2. Run the game. (only the current signed-in account will have its data imported.)
  3. Close the game.
  4. Look for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on your library and right click on it. Under properties, look for the BETA tab and select “dsptde-2.0-”.
  5. Launch the game once again.
  6. Sign in using the live profile once again. This will finally import the save data to Steam.

If the game crashes, try disabling DSfix (if installed) before freaking out. I had no problem whatsoever and after step 6, achievement popups should let you know everything worked perfectly. As announced, players who want to keep their progress must complete the save data migration before February 16. After that, the Steamworks version will become the default version of the game.

On the other hand, new players can begin their experience in Lordran right away, since digital copies bought on Steam after December 15th are already free from the GFWL plague.

There’s still one thing missing, though. GFWL restrictions prevented Steam from selling Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition in some countries. Until now, things haven’t changed and the game’s store page is still unavailable. Hopefully, this will be solved and all players will be able to buy From Software’s awesome game without the need of third parties.

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