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Holiday Gift Guide for the Gamer That Has It All


Holiday Gift Guide for the Gamer That Has It All

They can be so hard to shop for on account of them, you know, already owning everything.


We all know that type of gamer. The kind with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything cool that releases according to their interests. Obscure re-release of a Megaman figure from the 90s? They got it on pre-order. The collector’s edition of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix? They have two copies – one unboxed, and the other for playing. These people may hold a dear place in our heart, but they’re a goddamn nightmare to shop for. Fret not! This here is a list of unconventional gaming gifts for those you love. Some may be more lucrative then others, but hey – some gamers really do mean the world to us. So stop your trek for the one gift to rule them all, and do some shopping from the heart (and wallet).

Protip: Gamers love giftcards for their platform of choice; Nintendo eShop, Steam Wallet, Microsoft Cash, Sony PSN Cards – none of these are ever a bad thing.


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