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Rumor: Heists May Come to GTA V December 23


Rumor: Heists May Come to GTA V December 23

One of the big selling points for GTA V’s online mode was heists. Sadly, heists have been repeatedly delayed by Rockstar. And ever since the Achievement Hunter GTA V Heist videos, people have been chomping at the bit to rob stores and banks with their friends. Now it looks like we finally have a date for when the infamous heists will come, and that’s in about two weeks.

The tweet above from NillxModz says heists will be put out alongside the GTA V Holiday DLC on December 23. For Playstation platforms, it’ll arrive at 5 AM EST, and 10:30 EST for Xbox owners. No official word from Rockstar yet, but there has to be something from them soon. They promise that they’ll look into the information and report back once they hear more.

If the heists finally do come, will you go back to GTA V? Do some robbery for the holidays? Sound off in the comments below.


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