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Hearthstone Finally Comes to Android Tablets


Hearthstone Finally Comes to Android Tablets

You heard correctly! After the longest drought imaginable where us Android users sneered and were mocked by the likes of our iPad wielding rivals for their ability to play Hearthstone, no longer are we shunned! Hearthstone is finally out on Android tablets!

Now, that statement comes with a few caveats. Blizzard wants to do a full rollout of Hearthstone across the Android tablet platform. But I continue to re-emphasize tablet, because only tablets are going to be receiving the game. There are obvious minimum requirements like memory space and device type, but fortunately, Blizzard provides us with a full list of verified devices that they are 100% sure Hearthstone will work on.


Also important to note: they won’t be doing a worldwide rollout. Instead, they’re going country by country, starting with Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The United States and the United Kingdom are obviously high on the priority list, but they likely want to deal with any malfunctions, glitches, server hiccups, and other drama in smaller markets before they debut in their largest markets. Blizzard assures us that the full rollout for Hearthstone will be in the next few days, just in time to waste all your Christmas cash on new decks.

And just to prove how awesome you are for playing on Android, they’re giving away a free deck of classic cards just for playing on the system. Log-in, play any match, and voilà, you’ll have a new deck in your hot little collection. You don’t even have to win the match to get the deck! Goblins vs Gnomes decks are also available on the Android version of Hearthstone, but you’ll have to buy those on your own. You’ll be able to download the game straight from the Google Play Store whenever it’s available in your country, hopefully within the next week. It’ll also be available on Amazon if that’s your preferred storefront.

Hearthstone is one of my biggest time-wasters, because the simplicity combined with the intense strategy of climbing the ladder is highly addicting. And since the game is free to play, and you can technically earn all the cards without paying a dime if you’re really dedicated, Hearthstone will easily be my game of choice on my Android tablet. Not to mention it was an easy contender for Game of the Year at this year’s Game Awards 2014, not to mention it’s one of the best games to play while pooping. Yup, we went there. You know that warlock is using his zoo deck on you while they’re the washroom.

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