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What Happened to Pewdiepie's Subscribers Will Surprise You


What Happened to Pewdiepie's Subscribers Will Surprise You

About a month ago, Pewdiepie made a video addressing a problem he sees very often with YouTube.

For the most subscribed gaming YouTube personality, the problem that he frequently sees within his viewerbase are a lot of complaints that he doesn’t upload videos. This is pretty strange, considering he generally puts out one video per day! A lot of this doesn’t stem from the fact that Pewdiepie’s fans are getting frustrated with his content. Quite the contrary! Say what you will about the type of gaming content Pewdiepie makes, but it remains as popular as ever, with over 32 million subscribers and almost every videos easily surpassing one million views.

It’s also not, as Pewdiepie says himself, because YouTube is broken. Turns out that that the system behind YouTube is working exactly as intended. The reality is, Pewdiepie is suffering from what is known as “subscriber burn,” a phenomena of the YouTube algorithms which filter out content from viewers who are deemed as “no longer interested” in the people who they subscribe to by no reasoning of their own.

The details of why subscribers to YouTube aren’t receiving Pewdiepie’s videos were detailed in this week’s edition of Game Theory, where MatPat details his knowledge of the inner-workings of the YouTube algorithms. He uses his theory to explain why successful YouTubers may not see the retention rate they might expect, big shake-ups that lost a lot of YouTubers countless subscribers, and some cool facts that may surprise those who don’t know much about how YouTube works. If you’ve ever had interest in hosting content on YouTube, or are just a huge fan of Pewdiepie or other successful YouTube personalities, this video is a must-see.

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