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Halo: ODST Free For Master Chief Collection


Halo: ODST Free For Master Chief Collection


Rejoice Master Chief Collection owners

Today Bonnie Ross, head of 343 Industries, announced that owners of the Master Chief Collection who played the game at some point between the game’s launch (11/11/14) to now (11/19/14) can expect a free copy of Halo: ODST for free as an apology for the botched matchmaking servers.

The ODST remake is going to run at 1080p and 60fps, although, 343 Industries made a point to note that the game’s famous firefight mode will not be coming to the collection. In addition to the ODST remake, early adopting fans can also expect a remake of Halo 2 map, Relic.

If those goodies were not good enough, 343 Industries is sweetening the pot with:

– one free month of Xbox Live

– in-game exclusive nameplate

– in-game exclusive avatar

This news comes with the recent update to the game that brought back fan-favorite gametypes: SWAT and Halo:CE playlist.

The matchmaking issues in question have plagued the Master Chief Collection since launch. A game known for it’s revolutionary multiplayer was experiencing some of the most fundamental issues – players unable to connect to matches. This issue plagued gamers for weeks after the launch, but the latest update to the game seems to have stabilized most of the issues.

News on whether the ODST remake will be available to later adopters of the game has yet to be revealed, and no price point has been suggested.

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