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SOE Announce H1Z1 Early Access Date


SOE Announce H1Z1 Early Access Date

Sony Online Entertainment have finally released a date for H1Z1 and Early Access!

H1Z1 hits Early Access on 15th of January, 2015.

Ever since H1Z1 was announced in April 2014, fans have been patiently waiting the announcement of Early Access and the full release. The latest zombie apocalypse game joins a growing genre, including games such as DayZ, but is the first to be released of its nature on the Playstation 4 in 2015. PC users will get the chance to try the game first with Early Access to launch on Steam.

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley announced late last week:

“Glad we took the time we did. Really proud of what we’re going to put in front of you all.

We wanted to set a high bar quality wise for Early Access. Happy with where we ended even if it took longer. So what.”

H1Z1 is set to include a huge array of features including vehicles, base building and weather effects from the beginning and is rumoured to be fully released sometime in 2015. Despite many fans desperately asking for more information throughout the year, SOE seem confident that their decision to wait and polish an Early Access game will pull off successfully. In addition, H1Z1 will be free-to-play upon its official release, however those wanting Early Access will have to pay.

More information regarding H1Z1 can be found on the official website here.

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